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Join us on a journey to take back control of our town. 

Concerned citizens are coming together to raise the bar for Shrewsbury. Send a message that you want to be heard, let everyone know that you have had Enough. Vote Tuesday, May 7th for change!

Write Us In!

Be an agent of change.  Write-In our candidates on Tuesday May 7 and help start a new path in Shrewsbury

Our Candidates


Gregg Richards

Gregg is a 12 year resident of Shrewsbury and Vice President of a major electrical distributor.

Gregg believes in fostering a culture of open dialogue, where residents collaborate across party lines to find common ground. Non-partisan community discussion allows us to make informed decisions that benefit everyone and make Shrewsbury thrive.

Select Board

Brian Costello

Brian is a 15 year resident of Shrewsbury and a marketing executive. He is also a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Brian believes debate is the lifeblood of democracy! He believes in the importance of challenging the status quo, driving progress through rigorous discourse and that dissenting opinions allow communities to grow, adapt, and find common ground while respecting diverse perspectives.

School Committee

Caroline Macomber

Caroline is a 14 year resident of Shrewsbury, an independent financial consultant and a mother of students in Shrewsbury Public Schools.

Caroline believes children are the heart of our community. Their success is our success! She will ensure the school board makes fiscally responsible decisions and eliminates waste. Our schools play a vital role in shaping the future, and their commitment to both education and safety is paramount.

Shrewsbury Housing Authority

Jamie Merendino

Jamie is a 25 year resident of Shrewsbury and former executive of a Fortune 75 Boston based corporation.

Jamie believes that our republic is rooted in the freedom to debate and disagree on the path to creating better solutions to the problems we face today. It’s about breaking through the “party line” by listening and learning from those in the community, leading to a successful Shrewsbury.

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